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David Cox has been dancing since the age of 2, as he was brought into this world by a musical family. His father a Motown artist and his mother a dance teacher. At 13 he made his first trip to NYC on scholarship, and that would change his life forever. Studying with some of the best dancers in the world he began to realize that Tap dance was his passion not forgetting his extensive training in jazz, ballet and modern. Since becoming a professional around 15 he has gone on to perform for and at the following...YTV Achievement Award Winner 1999 Dance Catagory, 'Bojangles' the showtime movie staring Gregory Hines, the international sensation 'STOMP', Juno Awards, Toronto International Film Festival, Vancouver Jazz Festival with Kinnie Starr, The Duke Ellington Society, Save The Last Dance pt2, talked Tap and Tapped with Shelagh Rogers (Sounds like Canada CBC Radio 1) , Bravo Fact 'The Hoofers Club, and has performed for the speaker of the house, and Prince Charles to name a few. He is also a member of the based Dance company NEXT TIP. He has been on MTV Canada as a choreographer and dancer for "MTV Live: Dancing with the Hosts". Most recently David has shared his passion with the world, as a performer in the Vancouver 2010 WInter Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies. His happy go lucky and energetic attitude is contagious to those around him, and urges others to pick up a tap and discover the music they can make. Here's to the 2nd Balcony...Keep it Real!

Unknown Artist - Dance 4 MeUnknown Artist - Dance 4 MeUnknown Artist - Dance 4 MeUnknown Artist - Dance 4 Me