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LNAME[ CROCKER FNAME[ SAMUEL RESID[ ST. THOMAS DATE[ JAN 25, 1854 FILE[ 3 MFNO[ 1374 NOTES[ EXECUTOR: George Crocker of the Town of St. Thomas, eldest brother of Samuel still living in Canada - died intestate

Wiles’ photo was first published as the “Picture of the Week” in the May 12th, 1947 issue of Life Magazine. It was reprinted in a number of photography annuals and several Best of Life anthologies and eventually transcended reportage to became a pop culture icon. Evelyn’s photo was the inspiration for everything from Andy Warhol silkscreens to fashion layouts to album covers to Taylor Swift videos . Of course Evelyn never intended to become an icon (in fact the very idea would have likely horrified her), she was simply a young woman who committed suicide. The internet is rife with speculation on her life and death, but what do we actually know about this girl? Who really was Evelyn?

To provide a high standard of medical, nursing, rehabilitative, psychological, social and recreational services for easy integration of the individual into the community.

Ellen Evely - For The First TimeEllen Evely - For The First TimeEllen Evely - For The First TimeEllen Evely - For The First Time